Frontiers of Quantum Matter Program

“New Topological Perspectives on Superconductors and Quantum Magnets”

Wednesday 12th

Time Event
9.00-10.00 am Nick Butch (University of Maryland): “Superconductivity and a Neighborhood of Ordered Phases in Uranium Ditelluride”
10.00-10.30am Coffee

Round Table: “What steps need to be taken to accelerate our successful exploration of the periodic table?” 

Session Leaders:  Nick Curro (U. C. Davis) and Piers Coleman (Rutgers)

11.30-12.15pm Roser Valenti (U. Frankfurt): “Exotic Phases in Honeycomb and Kagome Lattices: The Power of Material Design”
12.15-2.00pm Lunch
2.00-3.00pm Phuan Ong (Princeton):  Low Temperature Experiments on the Thermal Conductivity Kxx and Thermal Hall Conductivity Kxy of the Kitaeev Magnet a-RuCl3″
3.00-3.45pm Inti Sodemann (UC Irvine): “Chasing the Spinon Fermi Surface State”
3.45-4.30pm Valentin Taufour (UC Davis): “Topology enabled unconventional superconductivity in a time-reversal symmetry-breaking bulk superconductor
4.30-5.00pm Coffee
5.00-6.00pm Yuji Matsuda (Kyoto): “Thermodynamic and thermal trnasport properties in the Kitaev material candidate alpha-RuCl3”
6.00-7.00pm Hide Takagi: “Thermal transport in candidate Kitaev and related magnets”

Thursday 13th

Time Event
9.00-9.45am Suchitra Sebastian (University of Cambridge): “Fermi Surfaces In Unconventional Insulators”
9.45-10.15am Coffee
10.15-11.00am Hans-Henning Klaus (TU Dresden): “Time Reversal Symmetry Breaking and Supercondictivity in Sr2RuO4 and Ba1-xKxFe2As2
11.00-11.45am Steven Nagler (Oak Ridge): “The 1-D magnet KCuF3: spinons, entanglement, and KPZ dynamics”
12.00-1.30pm Lunch
1.30-2.15pm Hae-Young Kee (University of Toronto): “Understanding Kitaev materials from chain and ladder”
2.15-2.45pm Coffee
2.45-3.30pm Alex Thomson (UC Davis): “Magic-angle multilayer moiré materials”
3.30-4.15pm (canceled) Andrea Young (UCSB): “Superconductivity near ferromagnetic phase transitions in crystalline graphene allotropes”

Round Table: “Key questions and challenges in the Corrrelated Topological Frontier”

Session leaders: Hae Young Kee and Yuji Matsuda

5.00pm Hong Ding (IOP, Beijing):  “Iron-based superconductors as a new Majorana playground”

Friday 14th

Time Event
9.00-10.00am Joel Moore (UC Berkeley): “Quantum magnetism as a source of unusual fluids and fractional particles”
10.00-10.30am Coffee
10.30-11.15am Pedram Roushan (Google): “Experiments on superconducting processors at the dawn of NISQ era”

Round Table: “Platforms for Quantum Simulators and Quantum Information Processing”

Session leaders: Joel Moore and Pedram Roushan

12.00pm Departure