Frontiers of Quantum Matter

The concepts of topology have recently been applied to a broad range of condensed matter physics subfields, connecting areas that were historically well separated. For example, the topology of electronic band structures initially studied in topological insulators or semimetals, is now also considered for superconducting materials. Similarly, ideas of topology are being considered to study the excitations in magnetically frustrated materials. The overarching perspective of topology provides a unique opportunity to connect various research topics, and generate new ideas.

The meeting will convene experts across the spectrum of research into topological magnetism, insulators superconductivity. Following ICAM tradition, each seminar will allow 30% of its time for discussion and questions. There will also be number of round-table discussions on topical issues for the field. Spaces for poster display will be available for the course of the workshop, allowing for discussion during coffee and lunch breaks.

The meeting will be held in hybrid mode to make accommodation for those who are unable to travel. We are however, hoping to make the meeting as face-to-face as is possible. The seminar room will contain mikes and cameras to allow for lively discussion between in-person and remote attendees.

ICAM would like to encourage junior physicists (graduate students, postdocs and junior faculty) to attend the meeting and we will be awarding 10 travel stipends of up to $1,000 per applicant to attend the meeting.

Organizers: Inna Vishik, Valentin Taufour, Nicholas Curro, Rajiv Singh and Piers Coleman

List of confirmed speakers:

Nick Butch (University of Maryland)  
Hong Ding (IOP, Beijing)
Hae-Young Kee (University of Toronto)
Henning Klaus (TU Dresden)
Yuji Matsuda (Kyoto)
Joel Moore (UC Berkeley)
Steve Nagler (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Phuan Ong (Princeton)
Pedram Roushan (Google)
Suchitra Sebastian (University of Cambridge)
Inti Sodemann (UC Irvine)
Hide Takagi (Max Planck Stuttgart)
Valentin Taufour (UC Davis)
Alex Thomson (UC Davis)
Roser Valenti (U. Frankfurt)
Andrea Young (UCSB)