ICAM Global Summit 2022

The ICAM Global Summit will take place during the first half of the week (Jan. 10 – 12, 2022) and will comprise of four plenary sessions on the Frontiers of Emergence in our key thrust areas of Soft, Biological, Quantum Matter and Energy, combined with round-table discussions and presentations from junior scientists. Following the ICAM tradition, this is a meeting that will be devoted to extensive discussion across a wide range of physics topics Talks will follow the ICAM tradition of reserving at least 30% of the allotted time to discussion. There will also be a number of open panel discussions on current scientific and policy issues.

The last day of the ICAM Global Summit will open a Frontiers Physics Workshop that this year will focus on quantum matter, entitled “New Topological Perspectives on Superconductors and Quantum Magnets”.

The meeting will be held in hybrid mode to make accommodation for those who are unable to travel. We are however, hoping to make the meeting as face-to-face as is possible. The seminar room will contain mikes and cameras to allow for lively discussion between in-person and remote attendees.

ICAM would like to encourage junior physicists (graduate students, postdocs and junior faculty) to attend the meeting and we will be awarding 10 travel stipends of up to $1,000 per applicant to attend the meeting.

List of Speakers

Hong Ding (IOP, Beijing)                                       
Nikta Fakhri (MIT)                     
Oleg Lavrentovich (Kent State)                         
Randy Oreilly (UC Davis, Computer Science)     
Josh Shaevitz (Princeton)
Hide Takagi (Stuttgart)                        
Evelyn Tang (Rice University)
Roser Valenti (U. Frankfurt)     
Alessandra Walczak (Ecole Normale Superieure)
Eli Yablonovich (UC Berkeley)