ICAM Global Summit 2022 Program

Sunday 9th

Arrival at UC Davis

Monday 10th

SSC Meetings

Time Event
9.00am ICAM General Meeting
10-10.30am Coffee
10.30-11.30am Future Directions for the Institute
11.30am-12.30pm SSC Workshop Decisions
12.30-2.00pm Lunch

Frontiers of Soft and Active Matter

2.00-2.45 pm Oleg Lavrentovich (Kent State): “Control of active matter by liquid crystals”
2.45-3.15pm Coffee
3.15-4.00pm Evelyn Tang (Rice University): “Predicting robust emergent function in living and active systems”

Round Table: What are the common Interdisciplinary frontiers of Quantum, Soft, Biological and Energy Physics?”

Session Leaders: Jose Onuchic and Daniel Cox

4.45-5.15pm Coffee
5.15-6.00pm Nikta Fakhri (MIT): “Broken symmetries in living matter”
7.00pm David Pines Outreach Lecture (Inna Vishik)

Tuesday 11th

Frontiers of Biological Matter

Time Event
9.00-10.00 am Aleksandra Walczak (Ecole Normale Superieure): “Prediction in immune repertoires”
10.00-10.30am Coffee
10.30-11.30am Josh Shaevitz (Princeton): “Self-driven active phase transitions in bacterial populations”
11.30-12.30pm Randy Oreilly (UC Davis): “Emergent dynamics and learning in the neocortex”
12.30-2.00pm Lunch

Frontiers of Energy and Neuroscience

2.00-3.00pm Eli Yablonovich (UC Berkeley): “Physics Does Digital Optimization —called “Onsager Computing”— for Machine Learning, Control Theory, Backpropagation, etc
3.00-3.30pm Coffee

Round Table:What  key roles can  ICAM scientists play in the era of Climate Emergency?”

Session Leader:  Gergely Zimanyi (UC Davis)


ICAM Junior Scientist Presentations/Short Talks

Arrival for participants of ICAM Frontiers of Quantum Matter

6.00pm Drinks
7.30pm Banquet

Wednesday 12th

ICAM Global Summit and Frontiers of Quantum Matter
“New Topological Perspectives on Superconductors and Quantum Magnets”

9.00-10.00am Nick Butch (University of Maryland): “Superconductivity and a Neighborhood of Ordered Phases in Uranium Ditelluride”
10.00-10.30am Coffee

Round Table: “What steps need to be taken to accelerate our successful exploration of the periodic table?”

Session Leaders: Nick Curro and Piers Coleman

11.30-12.15pm Roser Valenti (U. Frankfurt): “Exotic phases in honeycomb and kagome lattices: the power of material design”