For a complete playlist of the ICAM Summit 2022, follow this link:

Oleg Lavrentovich (Kent State): “Control of active matter by liquid crystals”
Round Table: “What are the common interdisciplinary frontiers of Quantum, Soft, Biological and Energy Physics?”
Aleksandra Walczak (Ecole Normale Superieure): “Prediction in immune repertoires”
Eli Yablonovich (UC Berkeley): “Physics Does Digital Optimization — called “Onsager Computing” — for Machine Learning, Control Theory, Backpropagation, etc.”
Guoxin Zheng (Michigan): “Spin-Zero Effect and Large Landé G-Factor in CsV3Sb5”
Sanjoy Paul (Kent State): “Electrically Controlled Liquid Crystal Elastomer Coatings”
Evelyn Tang (Rice University): “Predicting robust emergent function in living and active systems”
Inna Vishik: David Pines Outreach Lecture
Randy Oreilly (UC Davis): “Emergent dynamics and learning in the neocortex”
Mojtaba Rajabi (Kent State): “Dynamics control of active droplet propulsion in a nematic environment”
Han Yan (Rice University): “Low Energy Structure of Spiral Spin Liquid”
Parameshwar Pasnoori (Rutgers): “Topological Phases in Strongly Correlated One Dimensional Systems”
Matthew Staab (UC Davis): “Probing Fermi Surface Degeneracies in LaNiGa2 With Photoemission”

Frontiers of Quantum Matter
“New Topological Perspectives on Superconductors and Quantum Magnets”

Nick Butch (UMD): “Superconductivity and a Neighborhood of Ordered Phases in Uranium Ditelluride”
Roser Valenti (U. Frankfurt): “Exotic Phases in Honeycomb and Kagome Lattices: the Power of Material Design”
Inti Sodemann (UC Irvine): “Chasing the Spinon Fermi Surface State”
Hide Takagi (University of Tokyo): “Thermal transport in candidate Kitaev and related magnets”
Hae-Young Kee (University of Toronto): “Understanding Kitaev materials from chain and ladder”
Round Table: “Key questions and challenges in the Corrrelated Topological Frontier”
Pedram Roushan (Google): “Experiments on superconducting processors at the dawn of NISQ era”
Hong Ding (IOP, Beijing): “Iron-based superconductors as a new Majorana playground”
Round Table: “What steps need to be taken to accelerate our successful exploration of the periodic table?”
Phuan Ong (Princeton): “Low Temperature Experiments on the Thermal Conductivity Kxx and Thermal Hall COnductivity Kxy of the Kitaeev Magnet a-RuCI3”
Valentine Taufour (UC Davis): “Topology enabled unconventional superconductivity in a time-reversal symmetry-breaking bulk superconductor“
Stephen Nagler (Oak Ridge): “The 1-D magnet KCuF3: spinons, entanglement, and KPZ dynamics”
Alex Thomson (Cal Tech): “Magic-angle multilayer moiré materials”
Joel Moore (UC Berkeley): “Quantum magnetism as a source of unusual fluids and fractional particles”
Round Table: “Platforms for Quantum Simulators and Quantum Information Processing”